2019 Archery Season Details

About Connect Sports Archery

Connect Sports Archery was created to foster the development of Christian faith, character and leadership in our youth while teaching the fundamentals of Archery.  While participating in Connect Sports Archery students will learn glossary terms, safety procedures and range rules.  Discipline and respect of the sport and teammates is imperative.  Rangers will instruct as a group and individually to promote each student?s success.  Our season lasts approximately six weeks with practice nights on Thursdays and game day on each Saturday.

Throughout the season, archers will learn and refine the Eleven Steps to Archery Success:  Stance, Nock, Draw Hand Set, Bow Hand Set, Pre-Draw, Draw, Anchor, Aim, Shot Setup, Release and Follow Through.  They will compete with each other as well as refine their skills through the coaching of Rangers.

2019 Season Schedule:

Registration opens March 16, 2019.
Registration closed! We are currently at full capacity.
For safety reasons registration will close after the first 60 Archers.  Registration Closed

What to Expect - Click on the below links for a complete outline of each week of Archery Practice and Competition:

Orientation - April 13th Week #1 - April 18th & 20th Week #2 - April 25th & 27th


Week #3 - May 2nd & 4th  Week #4 - May 9th & 11th  Week #5 - May 16th & 18th

Practices on Thursdays start at 6:00PM and last until 8:00PM.  Practices are designed to provide one on one instruction with our Archery Rangers.  While your arrival and departure is meant to be flexible on Thursdays, we ask that you be sure to attend the 7:00 devotional time which lasts for 10 minutes and is presented by one of our Rangers. Practices begin Thursday, April 18th and end Thursday, May 16th.

Feel free to review the Archery Terms and Devotional Lessons prior to your arrival!  Please ask any questions you may have prior to practice by emailing Cyndi Richey at cynthia@masonnaz.com

Saturday Competitions are for five weeks and begin Saturday, April 20th and end Saturday, May 18th for 2019.  Competition is from 10:00AM until Noon.

Saturday Family Breakfast!  One of the BEST experiences of Archery season is family BREAKFAST time!  Every week Sam Nesbitt and Karen Martin cook up an AMAZING breakfast for families to sit and fellowship together before competition starts.  Breakfast is served starting at 9:00 AM! This is shopped for and prepared for out of the hearts and pockets of these two ladies.  We ask that you help the ladies out by donating $2 a person as they use what is collected in week one to purchase food for the following week.

Picture Day: Picture days are: THURSDAY, APRIL 25th & THURSDAY, MAY 2nd

How to Register:

Cost per player is $60.00 and $55.00 per additional player.  Registration is closed for 2019 as we are currently at full capacity.

Who to contact:

Cynthia "Cyndi" Richey, Bob Reutter, Bryan Martin, Travis McGivern and Don Pierce are our Connect Sports Archery Leadership Team.  If you have questions, please contact the following: Cyndi Richey, Mason First Church of the Nazarene: cynthia@masonnaz.com or (517) 676-5680.


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